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3rd-Feb-2009 05:43 pm - Older
baby seal
So, today is my birthday. I must say it's not the best I've ever had, and it could be happier, but the only reason for that is because my cat died last Friday, so... yeah, I miss that thing. But of course other things are making me happy, like the fact that my boyfriend is going to my place today, and I didn't tell my parents, but I think hope they'll be okay with it. Grandma loves him, especially because he loves her food, and she has a thing with food, keeps thinking that people don't like it, although I told her zillions of times that it's the best in the world. And it is. The only one who may bother is my sis... she doesn't like to stay in the same room we are, so she stays in the attic 8D, even though we have more than one room in the house.

10 minutes to leave work. I'm hungry D:

3rd-Oct-2008 09:53 am - .
"Boy invades zoo and feeds crocodile with rare animals"

And there you have another serial killer in the future =D
As many people may know, serial killers and rapists used to practice animal cruelty as kids. Yesterday, in Australia, a seven year old "boy" (if you can consider that) killed many rare animals and gave others alive to the crocodile of the zoo. He seemed to be enjoying himself while doing that, btw.

Now, what fuckin' justice will be done to a seven year old fucker? If it depended exclusively on me, justice would definitely be done. But it doesn't, obviously. Still, I think everyone gets what they deserve, eventually. I'm sure he will too. And I'd really like to see that.

I wish he had slipped and fell on the crocodile cage.

1st-Oct-2008 02:39 pm - Creepy Crawly - the studs

One of their new singles is out today \o/
Creepy Crawly... I like the name. Someone uploaded the song on LiveJournal so I can listen to it now, not wait until I get home, which would be torture. It's pretty good. I have to get used to it... I always have to get used to new songs.
For the previews I thought it would be "too happy", but no. Very "studs like". Listening to previews may cause a very wrong impression.
Now I have to download the whole single at home and then wait for the other two to come out. I wanted to buy all of them, but I don't have any money for it now. Btw, I think my dearly photobook is already sold D:

My head aches and I need to go home T^T
And I hope it rains. A lot. Right now. And I want it to stop before I leave work and starts again as soon as I get home. Yup.

30th-Sep-2008 04:38 pm - 1st post again
I think this is the third time I make a first post. The previous ones were not important, so I deleted them. Not that anyone comes here to read, since no one knows I have a LJ, but...

Anyways, nothing meaningful to say. It's a nice, rainy day, and I'd like it to be like this at least until next week. It's nive to have a rainy weekend at home, while I watch a movie and play videogame with the bf. <3 PlayStation 1, btw... yeah, brand new ;D
Someday I might buy PS2... and 3, and Wii, XBox 360, PSP and all... sometime...

Right now I intend to buy a photobook if a certain person helps me, because I don't have an international credit card and never used PayPal. I don't want to try for the first time with this photobook. Better to buy something cheaper. I may make some mistake >__>"

The crap is that the dollar costs a lot. The photobook will cost me over $100! I can't spend too much... I bought many CDs this year already, and still have other two until the end of the year. Meh... =___=  we'll see...

1:15 for me to go home \o/

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